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Ten Ways to Hurt Your Personal Injury Case

  1. Change your address, phone or e-mail without getting the updated information to your lawyer.
  2. Not showing up for important appointments such as a deposition. Or arriving late
  3. Go to your deposition or appointment without dressing for Court
  4. Lye to your lawyer. For example telling your lawyer that you do not have a prior injury or accident when you do.
  5. Talk about the case on social media
  6. Take a lot of pain killers even though the defense will find out and argue that you are treating to get pain killers. (We call pain killers case killers)
  7. Be very angry at your deposition, conferences and trial
  8. Quit your job and stop living life as fully as you can because of the case
  9. Assume the defense knows nothing about you when in fact they know all about you
  10. When we give you advice about the settlement value of the case, disregard it.