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10 Ways to Help Your Personal Injury Case

  1. Tell us the truth even when you believe the truth hurts your case. We can deal with problems if we know about them
  2. Assume the defense has great resources and that they know everything about you. Make sure your lawyer knows everything.
  3. Do not discuss the case on social media. Assume the defense is looking at your social media.
  4. Be early for all appointments including meetings, depositions, conferences and doctor appointments
  5. Dress for Court for all appointments including meetings, depositions and conferences
  6. Get a good night sleep and east a good breakfast for your deposition
  7. Do not live for the case or allow the case to influence decisions about your life. If you can return to work, great. Do you really think the jury wants to hear that you sit on a couch all day?
  8. Be wary of pain medication. Some people call them pain killers but they can also be case killers. Defense lawyers like to argue that you are treating to get medication
  9. If you move, change an e mail or a phone, let your lawyer know right away.
  10. Do not be an angry client. No one wants to give a nice settlement to someone who is angry.
  11. Okay I am adding one more… Be yourself and tell the truth.